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No-Salt Units

Beeco Softwater offers No-Salt Scale Prevention Systems featuring Filtersorb SP filter media (for city water application only).
Filtersorp SP is based on a completely new technology.  In this process the chemical structure of scale forming minerals is changed.  This technology is so effective that it requires a contact time of only seconds.
The media is used in an up flow systems, therefore only an in-out head is needed. No drain and no electric.
The media transforms the dissolved calcium carbonate (temporary hardness) into non-charged, neutral chemical bonds.
These bonds are completely stable and cannot attach to any surfaces.  The chemical bonds are rinsed away by the water flow.  The size of the bonds is so small (in the range of nano-meters) that they can only be seen with a micro-scope.  Therefore the effect is the same as if the water was free of temporary hardness (calcium carbonate).  The chemical structures are heat resistant and do not fall apart.
This media protects pipes, water heaters, dishwashers, and drinking water systems scale.
Included in our 8",9", or 10" systems - Filtersorb SP Filter Media, Enpress Mineral tank featuring the Vortech bottom distribution plate, "C" Series in/out head, "C" Series Bypass, plumbing adapters, 1-10" "Big Blue" housing with pre-filter and mounting bracket.
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