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The Aqua Clean Platinum Vortech & WSD 100 water conditioners are both featured units with Beeco Softwater.  Each unit can be customized to your needs.  Whether you are dealing with hardness (scale), iron (rust), sulfur (rotten-egg smell), chlorine, or other water problems, Aqua Clean units can solve your problems.
Each unit comes in 1 cubic foot or greater capacities, using the Clack electronic metering demand valve with 1" in/out for higher flow capacity.  The computer tracks your water usage over a 63 day period, thereby finding out your water use habits, and will adjust itself daily as to how you use water.  This feature allows the unit to be more efficient and will not regenerate needlessly due to high reserve settings like those found in our competition.  Included in our installation is a ball valve by-pass, 100# salt, sales tax, and removal of existing equipment.
The Aqua Clean Platinum Vortech unit (see video) comes with a Life-time warranty on the tank, 5 years on parts (including computer), and fully-adjustable timing on each cleaning cycle.  Vortech tank for higher flow rate and greater efficiency
The Aqua Clean WSD 100 unit come with a 10 year warranty on the tank, 3 years on parts (including computer), and fixed timing on each cleaning cycle.
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Our units can have a carbon chamber added to remove the chlorine taste and smell.  Call today for details!!!


Beeco Softwater offers an unique approachto renting water softeners with a Rent - To - Own Option. What ever your water softening/conditioning need, Beeco Softwater has a rental unit for you. Our rental units start at $22.88 per month (plus sales tax), or $26.88 per month (plus sales tax) for demand units. The purchase option is for 24 months. If you purchase within 90 days (3 months), you will receive 100% credit towards the purchase of a brand new Aqua Clean WSD ER or 100 water conditioner. If you purchase after 90 days (3 months), but before 24 months has lapsed, you will receive 50% of the rent you have paid towards the purchas of a brand new Aqua Clean WSD ER or 100 water conditioner. When you purchase, you get a brand new unit. No one wants to buy used equipment with little or no warranty when they purchase. When you buy, you want the security of knowing you have a new unit, with a new warranty.
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Salt Sales & Delivery

Beeco Softwater is a proud supplier of Dura-Cube compacted salt cubes (pellets).  Dura-Cube is 99.8% pure salt and is compacted to reduce bridging and mushing.
Dura-Cube is only available through water softening dealers.
We offer Dura-Cube in 50# bags.
We offer Dura-Cube through retail sales (M-F), delivery, or our 24/7 pick-up room.
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